Gathering, Preserving & Analyzing Computer Forensics Evidence from a Digital Device in a way that is Suitable for Presentation in a Court of Law

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Unless you have evidentiary proof of an accusation… all you really have is an accusation and innuendo.

D Eno Forensics PLLC has been performing computer forensics since 2008.  Hundreds of cases from around the globe, with many satisfied clientele sending perpetrators behind bars and winning large civil settlements.  I want to help you identify the problem, lost files, and locate where files ended up. Discover the entity or individual behind your digital issue using computer forensics and get the results that you can use for litigation and/or prosecution.  

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D.Eno Forensics, PLLC provides Social Media Analysis such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  More and more today an individual's character may be defined by their activities on social media outlets.  This is especially useful in Family Law Cases where character becomes an issue to determine custody.  OR>>  If you, as an individual need to find out more about an individual.. as long as you have LEGAL Authority to obtain this information, we can provide that for you. 

Individual File / Post Authentication.  Many files today are generated via Adobe PDF files.  We can authenticate the owner / authorship if the meta-data is available and analyze the PDF code to determine how the PDF was generated and (many times) by whom. We also can authenticate individual social media posts and provide you with date/times and originator. 

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If any investigation you are pursuing requires recovery of deleted data of ANY kind… you MUST perform a data-carve to retrieve that deleted data. E-Discovery is a good method when the data you are attempting to verify, recover etc., has not been deleted. Otherwise, the only thorough way to be certain you haven’t missed any residual data is by a digital data carve. A Data-Carve is a scan of every-bit that resides on the hard drive or thumb drive, CD etc. The Data-Carve provides for a read of every sector, every byte, and every bit from the very first ‘0’ to the very last binary ‘1’ on the physical device being examined. Then that data must be recognized in a format that can then be extracted into a report and viewed. The proof you seek MUST be viewable and presentable in a court of law. That’s what Data-Carving does. Scans the physical device, bit-by-bit, and then extracts that data into a viewable format, even when that ‘viewable format’ is not more than a few recognizable strings of data. At D. Eno Forensics, PLLC, we have the tools necessary to Data-Carve any physical image and extract that data into a viewable format… Emails and Exchange Database Data included. Outlook PST / email data is extracted into an HTML format so that the whole email is viewable in a web browser as the individual user would have seen the email in their email inbox. Our Processing Servers are very large. This enables D.Eno Forensics, PLLC to scan and data-carve 1TB of data in about 12hours.            

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The Key to performing these types of investigations is whether or not the data on the device can be captured in a forensically sound manner so you can use that data in court. So the ‘short’ of it is this: If it’s a ‘burn’ phone or ‘burn’ device such as an old 'flip phone' chances are, we will not be able to extract much data if the data is even able to be extracted. Why? The device manufacturers have not shared the data code that allows other software to ‘read’ that data. However, if the device is NOT a ‘burn phone’ then most likely something will be able to be captured forensically to be used in an investigation. What about passcodes etc.? Not a problem. Apple products? We like Apples. Not a problem. Chinese Manufacturers such as Hisense etc.? Not a problem. In most instances some, if not ALL data is recoverable if not the whole physical device. Keep in mind that the whole physical device will need to be captured in order to retrieve deleted data, including text messages which will be placed into 'bubble format' so it will look just like it would on your cellphone. We also now have Geo-Location Data available IF that data is attached to a photo and/or text message. SIM CARD data extraction is available.

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Services for other Computer Forensics Labs and Law Enforcement

D. Eno Forensics, PLLC is proud to offer services to Computer Forensics Labs and Law Enforcement. On many occasions D. Eno Forensics PLLC,  has assisted other Computer Forensics Labs and Law Enforcement entities (Federal, State and Local) with the investigations of their cases. We offer substantial discounts to these entities and look forward to working with you on your case. No one person knows It all or no one lab has all the necessary software and/or hardware to get the job done. Perhaps you have a case that you just do not have the equipment and/or software for. Maybe its a case that you just do not have the time for due to your lab being completely booked for the near term. We can help and would be glad to do so. Contact our office today to see how we may be of assistance. 1-855-558-3366