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The Following are Reviews & News Detailing Experiences with Colleagues & Customers in the business...

"Fantastic! Donna saved my sanity during two grueling lawsuits - one in the Federal District Court of Rhode Island and another in the New South Wales District Court in Australia. The data she harvested was incredibly helpful, she is meticulous about chain of custody issues and no one could call her conclusions into doubt. Her results are straight, hard core, unquestionable metadata that provide a rock solid platform to back up her clients' position in or out of Court. Much of the time I was working without a lawyer so her assistance was invaluable. When I did bring in lawyers, they were very impressed with her work as well. Thank you so much, Donna!!!!"  -L.S. Rhode Island

“Donna is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, has great ethics, and the drive to get work accomplished. The knowledge that Donna has gained over the years has been a great asset to a company and she continues to educate herself in keeping up with new technology. As needed in the Computer Forensics field, she pays attention to details, prepares comprehensive reports, and communicates well with clients. Donna has a great personality and gets along well with other co-workers and clients and “gets the job done” in a timely and efficient manner.”

Lynn Roth,Director of Forensics, ADR Computer Forensics

Lynn worked directly with Donna at Computer Forensics Associates. Lynn Roth now works for the FBI at Quantico, VA.

“I worked with Donna from March 2008-March 2010. She was always friendly and performed her duties well. I recommend her for any data base repair or forensic job that comes my way.”

Dustin Hanson, Owner, A and D Data Recovery

Dustin worked directly with Donna at Computer Forensics Associates Where she was Director of Forensics. Dustin now owns his own Data Recovery Business: A and D Data Recovery.

"Bottom Line Up Front: D.Eno Forensics is one of the best, if not the best in the nation. With decades of experience and a rock solid CV I know that every case my lab sends to D.Eno Forensics will stand up to any cross-examination in any court. Lastly, the rates are beyond reasonable, normally coming in below industry norms. These are but a few of the reasons why my company uses D.Eno Forensics as our exclusive lab."

 -- James Heatherly, 

Owner S2 Consultant, LLC http://www.s2consultant.com/

"Yes she was very helpful and professional would use her again and recommend D.Eno Forensics to anyone needing help." - Patti
(Type of Case: Camera and Sim Card)

"My service was excellent Thank you so much" -P. Ferry

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