Available Computer Forensics Services in North Carolina

Available Computer Forensics Services in North Carolina

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We Specialize in the Following Case Types
Class Action / Political
Divorce / Child Custody / Infidelity
Intellectual Property Theft / Employee Theft
Cyber-stalking / Cyber-bullying / Hacking
Civil and Criminal

Stage 1 Computer Forensics Acquisition:

  • Forensics Acquisition of all types of electronic hardware in Lab or Remote with Free Courier Service to Maintain
  • Strict Chain of Custody.
  • Chain of Custody paperwork with signatures from your hands to our company and back to your hands again.
  • Computer Forensics Imaging for later use in investigations.
  • Computer Forensics Bit-Stream Imaging and HASH verification.
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Stage 2 Computer Forensics Analysis, Investigation & Report
  • Data- Carving for all data types configured for your investigation requirements.
  • Computer Forensics Analysis specific to your case requirements. No 'hunting and snooping.'
  • Stage 2 Search Agreements contain 'hard numbers' no more 'bait and switch.'
  • Password Cracking
  • Easy to Read and manage reports. Our reports are in HTML format and viewable in any browser.
  • Partnerships with local computer shops for easy hard drive removal if necessary.
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Computer Forensics Services in North Carolina

No Matter What State You Are In... D.Eno Forensics, PLLC can come to you. We provide direct service to you. If you are unable to come to our Computer Forensics Lab, we provide Remote Acquisition Services and FREE Courier Service to your location maintaining a strict Chain of Custody. This provides you with the confidence that all data to be used as evidence in your case will be easily and legally obtained.

Remote Data Acquisition can be accomplished by our company working directly with you. Do you have a high-speed internet connection? Don't have one? Either way, our company can work with you to forensically acquire data wherever you are located. We have the experience and know-how to be certain that the data acquired will meet FRE rules so that your investigation will be accepted by courts and/or law enforcement. Don't let location stand in the way of a good computer forensics investigation. We Are Here to Help!

We work with computer shops around the country to assist you with equipment and/or hard drive extraction. No need to ship your whole computer or laptop, we can extract only that equipment that is necessary to obtain the data for analysis. This leaves you with all the peripheral equipment intact and ready for use again, after the data to be used in the investigation has been obtained.

We can remotely capture data from your email, social networking accounts such as Facebook, cloud server, your computer files and folders or large network servers. We also have the ability to acquire thumb drives or flash-drives, cellphones and email attachments.

So.. Don't let your location keep YOU from a thorough computer forensics investigation. We have the experience and the know-how to provide analysis for your computer forensics needs.

Computer Forensics Services performed for the following and much, much, more....

computer forensics for hp
Computer Forensicscomputer-forensics-for-acercomputer-forensics-for-sony
computer forensics for microsoft
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At D. Eno Forensics, PLLC, we adhere to the strict guidelines as set forth by the ASCLD/LAB.