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Computer Forensics Company

D. Eno Forensics is a Full Service Computer Forensics Company.

We provide all the Computer Forensic Services You will need to be successful in your computer forensics investigation.
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Computer Forensic Expert Testimony

 Experience and Depositions

Court Appearances: (Declared Legal Expert – Computer Forensics and Analysis)

• State of Colorado, Arapahoe County, District Court, Case No. 2015CV030893 (06/27/2016) 
• State of Missouri, Jackson County Circuit Court, Case No. 1416-CV22894 Div No. 18 (01/14/2016) 
• State of Oklahoma,Cleveland County District Court, Case No. FP-2012-571 (12/30/2015) 
• State of Hawaii, Justin Britt ETAL vs Trilogy Corporation ETAL Case No. 2CC13-1-000085 (03/08/2015)
• State of Colorado, Denver District Court, Case No. 2014cv31356 (05/28/2014)
• State of California, Superior Court,County of San Diego, Case No. 37-2013-00038388-CU-OE-CTL (04/29/2014)
• State of Georgia, Gwinnet County Superior Court,Case No.11-A-08306-9 (03/17/2014)
• State of Missouri , Green County Circuit Court, Case No. 1231-CV07240, (10/28/2013)
• Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, Case No. 2010-14072 , 06/22/2010 (2010)
• US District Court District of Utah, Civil N0. 2:2007-cv-00037 ClearOne Communications v. Chiang et al 

Declarations and Affidavits :

• King County Superior Court No. 07-2-35994-0SEA (2010)
• US District Court District of Utah, Civil N0. 2:2007-cv-00037 
ClearOne Communications v. Chiang et al (2010)

Written Opinions :

• Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, Glimmerglass Networks, Inc vs Calient Networks Inc.
• Superior Court of Washington, County of King, Louise M park vs. Brian L. Park No. 10-3-07507-4 KNT
• US District Court, District of Colorado AKEEM ABDUALLAH MAKEEN vs COMCAST OF
COLORADO X, LLC,Civil Action No. 09-cv-02595-WYD-MEH
• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, County of Delaware Case# 10-0735, Jefferson 01/13/11
• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, County of Delaware Case# 10-1218, Diodoro 01/13/11


I am a Computer Forensic Expert ready to provide you with Computer Forensic Examinations that will hold up in court and allow the truth of the matter to be discovered. Below is a brief description provided by Cornell University Law School that mirrors services provided by D.Eno Forensics, P.L.L.C.

Expert Witness

Normally, courts prohibit witnesses from testifying based on their own opinions or analysis. See Federal Rule of Evidence 602. Courts relax these rules for expert witnesses testifying about matters within their field of expertise.

Expert witness rules vary by jurisdiction. See State Civil Procedure Rules. In federal courts, expert witness testimony is governed by Article VII of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Generally speaking, experts may testify about their conclusions in a case so long as their analysis is scientifically sound. In reaching their conclusions, experts may rely on the same sorts of evidence that people in their profession normally rely on in their work, even if the evidence is otherwise inadmissible in court. For example, a doctor may testify about his analysis of X-rays, even though the X-rays would normally be hearsay.See Rule 703 of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Expert Testimony in the Federal Courts

In the federal courts, judges determine the credibility of expert witnesses in a pre-trial Daubert hearing. See Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, 509 U.S. 579 (1993). In considering witnesses' qualifications, judges may consider information that is not admissible as evidence.

Before trial,all experts must prepare a report summarizing their analysis and conclusions, and share the report with all other parties. See disclosure; Rule 26(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. This allows other parties to effectively cross-examine the expert.

Expert testimony is not limited to matters beyond the understanding of the ordinary juror. Instead, experts may testify on any subject within their area of expertise so long as their testimony will assist the jury. See Rule 702.

PLEASE NOTE: A Complete and Current CV is available upon request.

On many occasions, D.Eno Forensics, PLLC has provided written opinions to various US Courts. If you need a written opinion, please contact our offices. 1-855-558-DENO (3366)