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D.Eno Forensics
Donna Eno started her computer career when she was in college working in the ‘computer lab’ to pay for her college tuition. The term ‘computer lab’ is used loosely here because this was in the days when 64MB of RAM was thought to be huge. The computer was a BASIC4 and the platters were approx. 24” in diameter. Her supervisor had coded a program that contained an error and as Donna was looking over the 11x17 greenbar coded paper, she found the error. Her supervisor was stunned (Donna had no prior programming experience) and the rest is ‘history.’ Since that time Donna has gained education and experience in computers, telecommunications, networks and databases to include the following engineering certifications: CNA, MCP+, MCNA, MCSE, MCDBA and CCNA. Donna has held Top Level Security Clearance with the US Government. Donna has also worked with top engineers in her field with such organizations as AccessData, HP, FEMA, Micron Tech. Inc. and Microsoft in production, research and development. Working with ADR Data Recovery as a Database Engineer she is one of the few people globally, who has manually rebuilt corrupt databases. Donna also has the ability to count from 0 to 256 in binary using only four fingers. (It's a thing). Working in Computer Forensics, Donna has successfully investigated over 500 cases, has given court testimony and written opinions. She is considered an expert in Computer Forensics based upon the Federal Rules of Evidence; Article 7 Rule 702. (FRE 7 702)
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About the Computer Forensics Lab at D.Eno Forensics

At the end of this dirt road is one of best Computer Forensics Labs in the country. Really. This computer forensics company strictly adheres to ASCLD Best Lab Practices. Then there is the location of this computer forensics company. The remote location of the D. Eno Forensics Lab helps to insure that your data will remain confidential throughout the investigation. D.Eno Forensics uses a courier service for all shipping of data to
Computer Forensics Lab D.Eno Forensics
maintain a
strict Chain of Custody throughout the investigation process. This will give you, the client, the reassurance that all evidence artifacts discovered will be admissible into a court of law, at the completion of the investigation and/or be ready for your attorney.

D.Eno Forensics was founded by owner, Donna Eno in 2011. Donna has successfully investigated hundreds of cases and supervised other Forensic Examiners. During that time Donna noted that not enough was being done to deliver the forensic evidence gathered in large cases, during the investigation in a format that was easily manageable for attorneys doing their case handling / review and preparation for litigation. D.Eno Forensics answers this dilemma by completing forensic investigations then inserting discovered evidence artifacts (data) into a Summation database format so that the end product can be easily reviewed by a single attorney or a whole legal team. This is especially important in large civil litigation cases where there may be huge amounts of data that needs to be reviewed before entering into court. Donna is also considered a Computer Forensics Expert and therefore D.Eno Forensics will also review your case if a legal opinion is needed. E-Discovery is also available and that extracted data can be inserted into a Summation database format for ease of review. D.Eno Forensics has experience in court testimony, depositions, and affidavits and has written several opinions.

The D.Eno Forensics Lab adheres in strict compliance to the standards of: Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations published by the Dept. of Justice. This incorporates a two-stage process for investigations and complies with strict standards of evidence acquisition and investigation. No investigation that Donna has completed has ever been deemed inadmissible in a Court of Law due to evidence miss-handling.

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PLEASE NOTE: No Case or Investigation is deemed 'too small' and/or 'frivolous' by our company. If YOU have a concern or you have a need for an investigation of ALL THINGS ELECTRONIC (computer PC, cellphone, IPAD, IPOD, Social Media etc),
ALSO: D.Eno Forensics, PLLC., has written several opinions for the courts, If you have need of expert testimony, written opinion on a case...again, Please Submit Your Case Today!