D.Eno Forensics, P.L.L.C. & IT Consulting 

      A Professional Computer Forensics Company where people can get help with computer questions  
and computer forensic needs
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Computer Forensics, Cellphones, Expert Testimony, E-Discovery

Is it digital, store data, and involved in a legal case?   Let's talk.   Why?
I help YOU, discover the TRUTH regarding your digital dilemma. I help attorneys compile digital forensic material then help them to present that material in courtrooms, to judges and juries. CASE EXPERIENCE   More Info... Click Here

IT Consulting  &  HelpDesk Services

Have a Question Related to Computers,Networks & Servers or WebPages?  Let's Talk. Why?
I help Small Business & Individuals with everyday HelpDesk Questions & IT Services.  

Educational Resources

Do YOU Have the "Next Big Thing?" Super Artwork? Biz Logo? Strategic Forumula/Business Formula?  Web Design/Graphic Design?   Let's Talk.  Why?
I help entrepreneurs by providing them with educational resources that show them how to protect their intellectual property  and save thousands in legal fees. 

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